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Knitted fabrics

Circular knitted fabrics:

Thanks to its versatility, circular knitting technology is perfect for the production of fashionable and functional textiles. From T-shirts to sports clothes and technical textiles, everything is possible.


Circular knitted fabrics are flexible, have no seam in the use of body widths and are therefore suitable for almost every purpose. The wide range of refinements and bindings results in a variety of options.


We offer you the following:

  • Single body widths, interlock or fine rib
  • Fine rib body widths - ajour pattern
  • Single   
  • Piquè   
  • Interlock            
  • Fine rib
  • Terry
  • Jacquard


We produce in Croatia, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Polen and Hungary.


Warp knitting:

The stitch-forming process for knitted fabric involves the simultaneous movement of all the needles in the machine. This results in a mostly vertical yarn run.

Production here is mainly geared towards the manufacture of lingerie, bodice goods/shapewear, sports apparel, decorative textiles, agricultural and packaging textiles, industrial textiles, composites and various kinds of net. To this end, we can offer the perfect price/performance ratio.



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